Meet the Vetri Family





mortadella mousse 8

stracciatella with sweet onion marmalade 9

eggplant caponata 8

imported bufala ricotta and black pepper 9

avocado with pecorino and pancetta 8


salumi and formaggi

(all salumi is housemade)

salami del giorno with onion marmalade 8

mortadella with hazelnut honey 8

country style terrine 10

frascati wine cheese with shallots and crackers 9

mixed salumi plate 16

marinated olives 6

baked pecorino with almond honey 10

bufala mozzarella with persimmon and chestnuts 12


antipasti di pesce

squid salad with citrus, endive and parsley 10

swordfish meatballs with creamy polenta and pinenuts 10

cockles with shallots and broccoli rabe 10


antipasti di carne

Sal’s old school meatballs with tomato potato 8

pork ribs with blood orange agrodolce 12

arancini with short rib ragu and truffle pecerino 12


il quinto quarto (the fifth quarter)

almond dusted sweetbreads with fennel marmalade 10

grilled veal tongue with pepper mostarda 9

tripe alla romana (roman tripe stew) 9


antipasti di verdure e instalate

escarole salad with apples and radishes 8

fried cauliflower with pecorino and salsa rossa 9



tonnarelli “cacio e pepe” with pecorino and black pepper 14

rigatoni with sepia and spinach 18

bucatini with jalapeno and almond pesto 16

pappardelle with smoked guanciale and parsnips 16

paccheri with swordfish and eggplant fries 18

spinach lasagna with veal bolognese 16



striploin with beets and horseradish vinaigrette 28

fried grouper with fennel and pomegranate 24

roasted lamb shoulder with potatoes 26

chicken spiedini with fruit mostarda  22

roasted monkfish cacciatore 24

pork shank with polenta and mustard onions 24



kale with golden raisins and parmesan 8

fried brussels sprouts and lemon 8

roasted potatoes 5

polenta with brown butter 6



Mom-Mom’s rice pudding 8

olive oil torta with whipped cream and apple butter 8

salted butter semifreddo sundae with chocolate sauce, blood orange marmalade, and almonds 8

belgian style waffle with nutella, vanilla semifreddo, and toasted hazelnuts 10

“tartufo al bacio” chocolate and hazelnut semifreddo with amarena cherries 10

ricotta pine nut tart with bitter chocolate 8